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jena kenny therapist florida

Welcome to Strength & Healing, where compassionate support and guidance await you on your journey to overcoming eating disorders and trauma.

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jena kenny therapist florida


Our mission is to provide compassionate support and guidance to individuals struggling with eating disorders and trauma, offering understanding, validation, and a sense of companionship, so that they never have to navigate their journey alone.



Integrity is a cornerstone of our brand. We believe in conducting ourselves with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices. Maintaining integrity ensures that our clients receive genuine support and trustworthy guidance throughout their journey, fostering a strong therapeutic relationship built on authenticity & respect.


Compassion is our foundation. We understand the challenges of eating disorders and trauma, providing a safe, accepting, and judgment-free space for healing. With kindness and empathy, we support clients on their journey, fostering genuine care and understanding for their growth and recovery.


Your safety and security matter most. We value the importance of creating a sanctuary where you can feel protected, respected, and at ease. With private changing spaces, a welcoming team, and a commitment to confidentiality, we prioritize your comfort, boundaries, and trust throughout your journey.


Unwavering commitment to your well-being. We provide personalized care, ongoing support, and go the extra mile to empower you on your healing journey. Your needs matter to us, and we are dedicated to helping you make lasting changes, feel valued, heard, and motivated to achieve your goals.


Empowering through education. We provide psychoeducation tools and mind-body strategies, equipping you with the skills for a peaceful and fulfilling life. By promoting knowledge, we empower informed decisions for mental, emotional, and physical well-being, fostering independence and self-advocacy.


We guide clients towards achieving balance, recognizing the mind-body connection and promoting a holistic approach to health. Through trauma-informed practices and intuitive eating, we help individuals foster a harmonious relationship with their mind and body, supporting overall wellness.

Meet Jena Kenny, Owner

Jena, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Qualified Supervisor (LCSW-QS), Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (CIEC), and an EMDR trained therapist, bringing an exceptional combination of skills to the table in the field of psychotherapy. Currently pursuing certification as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS), Jena specializes in treating eating disorders and complex trauma. With over a decade of experience, she offers highly individualized and empathetic care, backed by a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Jena earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from a renowned university, which equipped her with a deep understanding of cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and trauma-informed care. Her passion for helping individuals navigate the challenges of eating disorders and trauma led her to further training. She earned certification as an Intuitive Eating Counselor, broadening her ability to help clients rebuild a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

jena kenny therapist florida
Jena kenny therapist florida

In her private practice, Jena provides a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their feelings, fears, and hopes. Her therapeutic approach is integrative, blending evidence-based treatments with client-centered and strength-based interventions. As an EMDR trained therapist, Jena helps clients process traumatic experiences that often underlie eating disorders. Her multifaceted approach acknowledges the complexity of each individual’s journey and the need for a personalized path towards recovery and self-acceptance.

As a Qualified Supervisor, Jena plays a crucial role in shaping future therapists, sharing she knowledge and expertise with those under her mentorship. She’s an avid presenter, championing for greater understanding and effective treatments for eating disorders and trauma.

Moreover, Jena is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and tirelessly works towards de-stigmatizing eating disorders. She is involved in several community initiatives, consistently advocating for comprehensive mental health support and resources.

Jena’s profound dedication to her clients, her innovative approach to therapy, and her continuous pursuit of knowledge make her an exceptional psychotherapist in the field. She firmly believes that everyone can overcome adversities and lead fulfilling lives, and she works tirelessly to ensure her clients find the strength and strategies to do so.

Fun facts: 

Outside of work Jena spends most of her time with her service dog Bleu,

husband, family and friends in the sun, reading or enjoying fun activities.

I believe that everyone has the strength to overcome adversities & lead fulfilling lives, & I’m committed to empowering my clients with the strategies & resilience to do so.

Meet Bleu, Service Dog

Bleu is a dedicated and empathetic Silver Lab, diligently serving as a professional service dog in a thriving psychotherapy practice. He brings three years of intensive training and hands-on experience to his role, offering an uncanny ability to bring comfort, companionship, and calmness to all those he works with.

Bleu underwent vigorous training through an accredited service dog program that equipped him with the necessary skills to support clients in various states of emotional and psychological distress.

In our psychotherapy practice, Bleu has demonstrated exceptional skills in recognizing signs of anxiety, stress, and emotional discomfort in our clients. His intuitive responses, including nudging, pawing, or simply laying down next to an individual, often provide a much-needed sense of safety and comfort to clients during challenging moments. This empathetic response not only encourages the therapeutic process but often fast-tracks it, fostering an environment where clients feel understood, accepted, and loved.

Bleu’s roles extend beyond therapy sessions, however. He has become an integral part of our team, often participating in group activities, providing emotional support to staff, and acting as an ambassador for mental health awareness. He exudes a genuine, gentle demeanor, which instantly warms any room and diffuses tension.

As a vital member of our team, Bleu continues to touch the lives of all who cross his path. He embodies the healing power of animals, showing us all, one paw print at a time, how unconditional love can open the door to healing and growth.

jena kenny therapist florida

Fun facts: 

Outside the therapeutic setting, Bleu love walks on the beach, a good game of fetch, and meeting new canine and human friends. Despite his professional role, he still loves his playtime and has a soft spot for chew toys.

Meet Maria

maria therapist florida

Maria is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with an impressive 25-year career in psychotherapy, a testament to her commitment and dedication to the field. Over the years, she has accrued a vast depth and knowledge of experience working across diverse settings, including private practice, community mental health centers, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Maria has consistently remained at the forefront of her field. She is renowned for her expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, and trauma-informed care, often working with individuals facing a variety of mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and life transitions.

Maria cultivates a safe, supportive, and empathetic environment, enabling clients to explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors freely. Her therapeutic approach is rooted in the belief that everyone has the inner resources and strengths to overcome life’s challenges. Through her tailored therapeutic interventions, she guides her clients in unlocking their potential, promoting healing, growth, and enduring change.

In addition to her direct work with clients, Maria has been a mentor and supervisor to many new practitioners in the field. She has provided guidance and shared her wealth of knowledge, contributing significantly to the development of the next generation of psychotherapists.

Throughout her career, Maria has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to her clients’ well-being. Her rich experience, relentless dedication, and profound empathy make her not just a therapist but a trusted confidant to those she serves. Her ultimate goal remains to empower individuals to live fulfilling, meaningful lives, and she continues to achieve this one session at a time.

Meet Nic

maria therapist florida

Nic Coppage, MSW, RCSWI (She/They), a compassionate psychotherapist dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery. Nic earned her Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL, and she is deeply committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for her clients.

With a background in social work, Nic brings a wealth of experience to her practice. Currently, Nic serves as a referral specialist and facilitates support groups at The National Alliance for Eating Disorders, helping individuals find the help they need to overcome their challenges. Additionally, Nic is a vital member of the mental health staff at CampOUT Florida, a Florida-based nonprofit dedicated to LGBTQIA+ youth and their allies. In her role at CampOUT Florida, Nic not only provides essential mental health support to campers but has also conducted training on non-dieting approaches and eating disorders for the camp staff.

Nic’s journey into psychotherapy began during her master’s internship at a nonprofit organization serving individuals experiencing homelessness. Here, she honed her skills in case management and individual psychotherapy, gaining invaluable insights into trauma and resilience.

Nic specializes in working with individuals who struggle with eating disorders and is passionate about LGBTQIA+ issues. Her approach is rooted in trauma-informed care and social justice, ensuring that her clients receive holistic and empathetic support tailored to their unique needs.

If you’re seeking a therapist who understands the complexities of eating disorders and the LGBTQIA+ community, Nic Coppage is here to guide you on your path to healing and growth.

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