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Compassionate therapy and healing from eating disorders and trauma

Providing therapy and services for women looking to heal through an Intuitive Eating and weight-inclusive approach

you deserve freedom

Obsessing about food and your body is overwhelming. It’s time to break FREE and find balance in your life.

At Strength & Healing, we are here to support you on your journey to feeling like you are enough – just as you are.

Because it’s time to kick those constant thoughts and obsessions about food, weight, and negative self-image to the curb.

It may not feel like freedom is possible right now and we aren’t saying it won’t take work, but we are saying that YOU are worth it!

strength and healing therapist florida
strength and healing therapist florida

A transformative journey toward self-acceptance and inner freedom

It’s time to step into your power and gain the confidence to set healthy boundaries.

No more feeling stuck, constantly striving to be better, or feeling unsafe in your own body and being.

You deserve better.

How we can help you

strength and healing therapist florida

Individual Therapy

We work with people wanting to healing from eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression and life transitions. Our approach is holistic and based in weight-inclusivity. We can provide CBT, DBT and EMDR interventions.

strength and healing therapist florida


We can provide workshops on a variety of topics including Intuitive Eating, anxiety, depression, self care and more. Reach out via email to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your organization.

strength and healing therapist florida

Professional Supervision

We can provide guidance, support, and supervision for therapists and other healthcare professionals in our related field.

Imagine what it would feel like to

Discover Strength. Find healing.
  • Embrace your body and celebrate its unique beauty
  • Conquer your daily stressors with calm and resilience
  • Shine in social settings by expressing yourself authentically & confidently
  • Have peace in your relationships with clear set limits
  • Savor the joy of eating by nourishing your body intuitively
  • Chase your dreams because you're following a path that aligns with your passions & values
strength and healing therapy florida
strength and healing therapist florida

What clients are saying

“I am really enjoying our connection, every week I feel more and more comfortable. I appreciate your honest and openness, it really helps me relate. I am looking forward to uncovering more about myself and I am glad to have you as a support to do that!”

– SJ

What to expect

Coming to therapy doesn’t have to be scary!

We make it as easy as possible with these 3 steps:

Schedule a FREE inquiry call

The first step is to schedule your free inquiry call. We promise this isn't a sales call - it's a chance for us to meet each other and decide if our services are the best fit for your needs.


Attend your initial session

During your initial session, we will dive deeper into your challenges and create a tailored treatment plan. We can utilize treatments such as CBT, DBT and EMDR.


We will continue to work together on your journey toward your goals. Your treatment plan will help you to achieve your goals and finally find the peace you need.

Jena Kenny, LCSW-QS


I’m Jena, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Qualified Supervisor, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and EMDR trained therapist.

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in treating eating disorders and complex trauma.

I provide highly individualized and empathetic care, blending evidence-based treatments with client-centered and strength-based interventions.

My integrative approach acknowledges the complexity of each person’s journey, and as an EMDR therapist, I help clients process underlying traumatic experiences. I’m dedicated to shaping future therapists as a Qualified Supervisor and advocate for mental health awareness, working towards destigmatizing eating disorders.

My passion, innovative approach, and continuous pursuit of knowledge make me an exceptional psychotherapist, committed to helping you overcome challenges and lead a fulfilling life.

jena kenny therapist florida

Ready to get started?

Submit an inquiry and you will then have a chance to schedule your free inquiry call to see if our therapy services are a good fit for your needs.